Iron Maiden – “Speed of Light” (video)

The biggest heavy metal band in the world is back, and in classic form.

When the biggest heavy metal band in the world puts out a new record, it becomes an event. Millions of Iron Maiden fans worldwide waited early this morning with baited breath for the first new music by the UK greats in five years, and the single “Speed of Light” doesn’t disappoint one bit. Written by singer Bruce Dickinson and Adrian Smith — a partnership that in the past yielded such classics as “2 Minutes to Midnight” and “Flight of Icarus” — it’s a roaring speedster of a track with blazing energy and a tour-de-force vocal performance by Dickinson.

In an especially cool twist, the band, whose videos have never been much to get excited about over the past 35 years, have commissioned an eye-popping animated clip by director Llexi Leon. In it, the history of the band is reflected through the evolution of videogames. You see mascot Eddie in the form of Donkey Kong, Mortal Kombat, DOOM, and more, with loads upon loads of little Easter eggs for fans to pick out.

It’s a fabulous video for a brilliant track, from the triumphant double album The Book of Souls, which comes out 4 September. Maiden’s back in prime form, and life couldn’t be any better.