Doug Locke - "Style on Fleek" (audio) (premiere)

Locke's latest is a nasty R&B jam with a little contemporary slang for good measure.

Taken at face value, the latest single from Blue Heart, the recent EP by Houston artist Doug Locke, can be seen as an effectively seductive and posturing modern R&B jam. After all, that bassline, and that swaggering, Drake-esque persona Locke has going on works incredibly well. Dig a little deeper, though, and you can tell he's also having a bit of fun, taking the famous Peaches Monroee meme and turning it into something smartly self-referential while at the same time laying down the wickedest crunk groove.

"'Style on Fleek' is one of my favorite songs on the Blue Heart EP," Locke says. "Sonically it has both a West Coast chill and a dirty south vibe. It is the party song to turn up to when getting ready to go out. It can take you to the next level when getting down at the club, and you can vibe out to it at the after party. I loved writing it because it enabled me to celebrate that swagged out, bossed up, inner bad ass that lies within all of us."

The Blue Heart EP is out now.

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