Tame Impala - "Let It Happen" (video)

Tame Impala offer up a new video for one of Currents' finest songs, "Let It Happen".

Chris Gerard: One of the standout cuts on Tame Impala's Currents LP is "Let It Happen", jittery electronic pop with a dreamy quality. Kevin Parker continues to demonstrate his mastery of the recording studio and he does it as brilliantly working with electronic elements as he does the hazy psychedelic rock of Tame Impala's debut. Very few artists are working on the same level as Tame Impala right now. Throw in a harrowing and dramatic video that really brings the song to life, and there's very little not to love. [10/10]

Jordan Blum: The psychedelic/folk/pop nature of Tame Impala (the pseudonym of Kevin Parker) has always been enjoyable (if also somewhat forgettable), with both Innerspeaker and Lonerism containing plenty of colorful, relaxing, and ambitious compositions. In contrast, this opening track from Currents revels a strong stylistic shift toward a more electronic, danceable sound, emphasizing synths over guitars. However, it also contains much of Tame Impala’s trademark production (such as layered, interconnected vocals), so it feels simultaneously familiar and fresh. I prefer the older approach, but this is interesting too, and Parker definitely deserves some commendation for reinventing himself a bit. [7/10]

Evan Sawdey: Don't just get your latte: feel adventurous when doing so! That's what this sounds like. No amount of music videos with talking sandwiches can distract from the fact that Kevin Parker's ambition got the better of him this time out in trying to be the pop-all be-all. [3/10]

Steve Horowitz: The soft instrumental vibe and tenderly sung lyrics induces the listener to relax; just go with the flow and allow what will be occur without conscious interference. The assumption is the world is too much with us. Sometimes it is better to just kick back and chill. The pursuit of joy interferes with the happiness itself. The music suggests the reward is in the experience. The video insidiously puts these thoughts in the mind of a man having a heart attack at the airport. In this case, letting it happen means dying without a fight. The original intent of the song offered the thesis that everything is all right, but even without the

video we know that is not the case. Tame Impala understand that living free and easy is just an illusion. [8/10]

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