Glenn Mercer: Incidental Hum

Glenn Mercer's second solo album -- and first since 2007 -- is proof that that this Feelies man is a formidable presence in guitar music. For the weird side of your mood.
Glenn Mercer
Incidental Hum

Strange little guitar albums have their charms and this outpouring of hope from Feelies man Glenn Mercer is no exception. Intent on evoking a particular atmospheres and locations via these compositions Mercer runs the gamut from hallucinatory spaghetti western music to space age bachelor pad licks before touching on three imaginative covers of the familiar (“Somewhere Over the Rainbow”, “Third Stone From the Sun”) and the less (Brian Eno’s “Here Comes the Warm Jets”). If at times this record feels like an audition tape for movie scoring gigs, then so be it. It’s warm, intimate, abstract, heartfelt, inspiring and weird all with the right measure of each. Slide this next to Robert Fripp’s most accessible work or the 2014 Reeves Gabrels/Bill Nelson collaboration Fantastic Guitars. An exceptional recording from a guitarist who’s been given too little attention for his imaginative playing and compositions.

RATING 7 / 10