Rabid Young – “Not Enough” (audio) (premiere)

Las Vegas synthpop quintet releases debut song full of shimmering synths and mid-tempo beats.

Arid, sun-baked deserts might not seem the ideal hotbed for grandiose synth pop. But factor in the glitz and glam of Las Vegas as a neon oasis, and it starts to make sense. The city’s most recent contribution to the electro-rock canon is Rabid Young, unveiling their first single as a prelude to their debut EP.

“Not Enough” hails from the eponymous five-song record due out October 2. The five-piece is led by Eric Rickey, who cut his teeth with previous outfit Most Thieves when they opened with fellow Las Vegas dance-rockers the Killers. It’s not surprising then to hear such a strong Killers influence in “Not Enough”, with dashes of U2, Bad Suns, and some David Bowie thrown in for good measure. Typical of the genre, it holds nothing back in its cinematic groove, the mid-tempo refrain having a grand sprawl to it as the synths are layered in shimmering textures. The chorus of chant-like vocals add another level of opulence to the simultaneously decadent and yearning track.