Elise Testone - "Now" (audio) (premiere)

The American Idol finalist continues to successfully distance herself from the hype machine, finding her own voice in the process.

After making a name for herself as a finalist on season 11 of American Idol, Elise Testone quickly, and smartly distanced herself from the machinery of that whole process, self-producing her debut album in This Life last year. Today she takes the next step, and its a significant one, releasing the excellent new single "Now", which evokes the sultry soul of the 1970s and '80s: sophisticated, sexy, glossy, with the right hint of a harder edge to show a sly sense of menace underneath such refinement.

"Sometimes we just need to be loved by someone so we may convince ourselves when we start a relationship that the partner is everything we've always wanted," Testone tells PopMatters. "This song is about giving your heart to someone who doesn't love or deserve you and the emotional avalanche that the parting creates. I am very excited to share this song with the world. 'Now' was written by my best friend Adam Fallen and I and it is unlike any song I have ever released. I am sure that many people can connect with the feeling of loss and feeling lost but in the end we need to realize that when you really want something you can find it when the timing is right. That is what this song is really all about and all of the beauty that comes with the pain along the way."

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