Jarryd James: Give Me Something

Australian singer-songwriter/producer Jarryd James shows some pop sophistication on "Give Me Something".

Jarryd James

Give Me Something

Label: Interscope
Release Date: 2015-07-08
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Australia is a long way from anywhere that is not Australia, and its geographical size means that much of its good music does not escape outside the country – Aussie artists can focus domestically without necessarily having to worry too much about breaking overseas. Often it’s the outside world’s loss.

However Australian singer-songwriter/producer Jarryd James should make waves internationally following the home success of “Do You Remember”, which reached number one on the Australian iTunes and Hype Machine charts and number five on the Global Spotify Chart.

“Give Me Something” is a cool mix of R&B and soul with a thumping backbeat and a backwash of organ. The sophisticated video well suits the classy minimalism of the soundtrack. Wherever you live, Jarryd James is one to watch, with a debut studio album planned for September 2015.


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