Micachu and the Shapes – “Sea Air” (video)

Micachu and the Shapes share a new hypnotic video for "Sea Air".

Adrien Begrand: First of all, it’s wonderful to have Mica Levi back, this time with the Shapes after her 2014 score for Under the Skin which was pure genius. Typical of her best work, “Sea Air” works a lot like Damo Suzuki-era Can, in that what sounds alien at first sneaks up on you and becomes weirdly catchy until you hear that unconventional melody bouncing in your head like a crazed mantra. And the video, a super slo-mo clip of a drummer staring daggers into the camera while hammering a solo, while appearing to have absolutely nothing to do with the song, strangely becomes as hypnotic as the track as you stare at those slowly vibrating cymbals. [7/10]