Coral Bones - "Third Degree" (audio) (premiere)

Synthpop rarely gets any giddier than what this Utah duo have cooked up.

Provo, Utah synthpop duo Coral Bones are hoping to follow in the footsteps of such well-known Provo exports as Imagine Dragons, Neon Trees, and the Used. Judging by the strength of the songs on their new EP Platonia it'll happen sooner than later. Bolstered by enough explosive hooks to warrant comparisons to M83, the new record combines sleek electro with a shamelessly rosy-hued pop sensibility. Its effervescence is irresistible as singer Chris Bennion and keyboardist Landon Young do everything they can to get even the most jaded cynic to track a smile. In this writer's case, at least, they succeeded.

Learn more about Coral Bones via Facebook.

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