Shigeto – “Pulse” (audio)

Shigeto's "Pulse" creates an uneasy, but danceable, bliss.

Nathan Stevens: Shigeto’s percussion heavy production has never sounded this atmospheric. Thanks to the stuttering vocal sample and the eerie keyboards floating around in the background, it’s easy to get lost in the haze. But those clear and clanking chimes hold down the song wonderfully, grounding it when the track could so easily dissipate into mist. It also absolutely deserves the seven minute run time as Shigeto adds layer after layer. The effects are subtle, but by the time a shimmering hi-hat comes in over a trap like snare at the half-way mark, it feels like Shigeto sliced two songs together perfectly. It’s an uneasy, but danceable, bliss. [8/10]

John Bergstrom: Mild African percussion, an rapidly-inhaled breath, and, sure enough, pulsing. The arpeggiated synth just kind of sneaks in, which is a nice touch. On the whole, this puts me in mind of Steve Reich, combined with house music. It’s a bit too soft of touch, and it’s hardly groundbreaking, but it does get into its own little micro-groove. [6/10]