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Debris of Titan - "Anime" (audio) (premiere)

These youngsters combine influences both recent and old to create new psychedelic/progressive rock that's worth taking note of.

Hailing from Upstate New York, Winston Dunlop and Michael Diaz met in the fifth grade, bonded over their love of Animal Collective and Joy Division, started to make music, eventually discovering early King Crimson on the way to writing and recording their debut full-length album. So their bio says, anyway.

When you hear their new track "Anime", however, with its psychedelic waves of Mellotron, hip-hop groove, and percolating melodies, you sense that these youngsters are well on their way towards something unique.

"After watching an anime called Future Diaries Winston loved the idea of having an anime love, where you conquer the world and fight enemies to save her or have her save you," they explain, "Though, waking up in the real world creates the sadness of leaving a dream world that revolves around only you. Its pretty selfish but its a perception we always wish to experience. Its like an 'if only' type of song. Recording was alot of fun since we distorted a 1950s orchestral recording from the Mellotron. We played around with it by having it loop and combining it with more than one orchestral short to make our own pattern. We then added drums, bass and guitar."

Debris of Titan's album On the Home Slope will be released 23 October.

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