Honey Ryder – “Dignified” (audio) (premiere)

The rising UK country trio are reissuing their debut album in advance of the US release of their new record.

A mix of pop, folk, and a twee, very English interpretation of country music, London trio Honey Ryder have a couple top 40 UK singles under their belts as well as several British Country Music Award nominations (yes, there is a British Country Music Awards). However after collaborating with several top writers in Nashville and recording with producer Paul Worley (Dixie Chicks, Lady Antebellum) they have their sights set on becoming that extremely rare British country act to crack the US market.

New album Born in a Bottle will be released this fall, but interestingly enough, their 2009 debut Rising Up will be re-released as well on 11 September. From that debut album, recorded when they were just a duo, is the deep cut “Dignified”, a subdued folk ballad featuring singer Lindsay O’Mahony in a gorgeous vocal turn. It’s lovely track, and a perfect way to introduce yourself to this highly underrated (over here, anyway) band.

“When we wrote Dignified we were trying to emphasise with how people must feel living in war-torn countries being forced to move from their homes, losing their livelihoods and possibly loved ones. It is obviously impossible to truly understand their plight unless you’re living it, but we wanted to take the time to think about them and try to put the feelings into a song. It really makes you appreciate how fortunate we are in this country and also understand why people will do anything to escape and find a place where they can live in freedom and safety. People risking their lives to get to Europe shows how indestructible the human spirit can be. In the song the person is wondering if they can at least maintain their dignity despite being pushed to the limit.