Squeeze – “Happy Days” (video) (Singles Going Steady)

There's a cosy familiarity to Squeeze's first single in too many years.

Matt James: There’s a cosy familiarity to Squeeze’s first single in too many years. It’s like bumping into an old school chum and deciding to go for “One cheeky pint” ‘cos you’re “Still crazy after all these years”. “Happy Days” feels authentically ‘Squeezey’ albeit one that’s a bit slower up the stairs these days ‘cos of the knees and gets to bed early ‘cos it’s got a busy day tomorrow. Sweet and summery enough, though one listen will ensure two subsequent events occur thereafter. One, you will immediately fire up Spotify, stick on “Cool for Cats”, “Up the Junction” and “Tempted” and sing along to the lines you remember whilst reminiscing your youthful scampery over a satisfying mug of herbal tea. Two, you will for the rest of said day be visited by visions of Arthur Fonzarelli and Ralph “Malph” whilst the vastly superior Happy Days theme tune bobs around your brainbox on an infinite loop. Just be prepared m’kay? [5/10]

Chris Gerard: Oh, happy day! Squeeze is back with their first new album of new studio material in 17 years, Cradle to the Grave, which will hit retailers on October 2. “Happy Days” is a buoyant and sweet pop song very much in the traditional Squeeze vibe but with a nice ‘60s flavor. While it may not break any new territory, “Happy Days” has such a sunny disposition and it’s so great to hear Squeeze back in action again that it’s hard not to like it. [7/10]

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