Birch - 'Halfway' (EP stream) (premiere)

The Brooklyn band make a very strong impression on their debut EP.

Earlier this summer we premiered Birch's video for the charming track "Halfway". It was so impressive that when the opportunity to premiere the band's new EP of the same name, we weren't going to say no.

Led by Vermont native Michelle Birsky, Birch is rounded out by bassist Matt Towles and guitarist Emma Munger, and as you'll hear, they love to dabble in various forms of indie rock, and do it all very well. "Fighting Words" blends rock guitar and electronic music similar to St. Vincent. Carolyn incorporates new romantic synths and classic rock 'n' roll balladry, while "Halfway" heads straight into Dum Dum Girls/Jenny Lewis indie pop, and "Window(less)" is a wonderfully bombastic ballad in the vein of Best Coast. Birsky and her band shows admirable range, but at the same time there's a keen focus on songwriting quality that maintains a sense of consistency amidst all the variety.

"I see the Halfway EP as a symbol of the gradual formation of Birch," Birsky says. "When I came to Ariel Loh (our producer) with this idea back in November 2014, I had different songs, bandmates, and ideas. As the band grew and evolved, new songs were written and old ones discarded. Because we took our time recording (the full process began in January and ended in July) we were able to create a clear voice and find the right musicians to make it all come to light.”

Halfway will be released 28 August.

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