Lexi Scherr - "Not the Kind" (audio) (premiere)

If you're going to take inspiration from a contemporary singer-songwriter, you can't do much better than Natasha Khan.

Evanston, Illinois native and New York-based singer-songwriter Lexi Scherr excels at the kind of dynamic, bombastic, symphonic indie rock similar to Bat For Lashes and Florence & the Machine, and as you can here on her brand new single "Not the Kind" she's well on her way to finding her own voice. In and out like a shot in two and a half minutes, it lulls you and jolts you, the chorus bursting with layers of sound.

"The melody for "Not the Kind" was conceived when I went on a mission to write a sexy, cool, unusual pop song," Scherr tells PopMatters. "The bass line was repurposed from a song I wrote in the early 2000s that wasn't going anywhere. After I discovered I could reuse that old bass idea, this song popped out in about 15 minutes. I had some really cool production ideas, and once we hit the studio it all came together smoothly. I was listening to a lot of Bat for Lashes & Amanda Palmer during the time I wrote it. There's one part in the song where the guitarist's chair creaked as he moved in it during tracking. We decided to leave it in and make it louder. That's my favorite part."

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