Boss Battle - "Ride" (audio) (premiere)

The Austin band cranks out some boisterous and catchy industrial rock on their new track.

Combining a strong 1990s industrial rock element with a post-millenial indie rock sound, Austin band Boss Battle find a comfortable middle ground between rigid, harsh mechanical sounds and unique pop hooks on their debut album Attack Time, which is set to be released on 11 September. Featuring the dual lead vocal stylings of keyboardist Erin Frazier and guitarist Chico Jones, it's all about the dynamic push and pull between the two sides, as you hear on the new track "Ride".

Be sure to catch Boss Battle on tour throughout September:

09/01 Austin, TX @ Holy Mountain (HAAM Benefit)

09/10 Marfa, TX @ Padre’s *

09/11 Tucson, AZ @ Surly Wench Pub *

09/12 Lancaster, CA @ The Britisher *

09/13 Los Angeles, CA @ Bridgetown DIY *

09/15 Oakland, CA @ Stork Club *

09/16 Sacramento, CA @ The Colony *

09/17 Eugene, OR @ Black Forest *

09/18 Portland, OR @ The Tardis Room *

09/19 Olympia, WA @ Le Voyeur *

09/20 Seattle, WA @ Substation *

09/22 Missoula, MT @ The Real Lounge *

09/23 Billings, MT @ The Railyard *

09/24 Denver, CO @ BaBar *

09/25 Colorado Springs, CO @ Triple Nickel *

09/26 Amarillo, TX @ Leftwoods *

* w/ Sky Acre

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