Dara Sisterhen - "Kids" (video) (premiere)

The young actor also shows great potential for a very promising musical career.

Although she got her showbiz start on such tween sitcoms as Victorious (with Ariana Grande) and Dog With a Blog, Dara Sisterhen has smartly sidestepped that machine that eats child stars alive. While still an actor, she's also a prolific singer-songwriter bridging indie pop and mainstream country -- you can hear a little Kacey Musgraves in her music -- the youngster recently released her charming new EP Boom, and has just put out a cute new video for the track "Kids" that brings a little B-movie fun into the mix.

"I initially had a much crazier idea but Casey Pierce (the director) and I met in the middle," Sisterhen tells PopMatters. "It basically represents the euphoric state you experience as a kid. First, as the 'adult' me, I am unhappy with work, money, and am obviously tired. Some may call the rest of the video a dream. Kind of how childhood, to me, sometimes dusts my memory with a dreamlike attitude. You could say that, or you could say it's just a split second of happiness. All in all, I wanted a '60s bikini beach movie with a B-movie swamp monster of some kind."

Purchase Dara Sisterhen's Boom at iTunes.

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