Fort Romeau: Frankfurt Versions

Remixes of four from Fort Romeau’s latest offering makes for a slightly repetitive, less-than-compelling listen.

Fort Romeau

Frankfurt Versions

Label: Ghostly International
Release Date: 2015-07-24

Frankfurt Versions takes four tracks from Fort Romeau’s recently released Insides and augments them ever-so-slightly. Like the source material itself, these alternate versions require a fair amount of close listening to track the differences, the variations so subtle that “Insides (Roman Flugel Remix)” sounds little more than an extended take on Insides’ title track with only the rhythmic elements enhanced.

“Lately (Orson Wells Remix)” shaves off the original’s exposition in favor of greater focus on the melody and a more pummeling sub-bass house beat that relies a bit too heavily on rhythmic repetition, thus lessening the impact of the source material. Similarly, “All I Want (Massimiliano Pagaliara Remix)” speeds up the original, placing greater emphasis on the original’s rhythmic elements, losing much of the track’s melodic nature in the process.

Where Fort Romeau’s stated purpose is to create music that requires closer listening and a fuller immersion in the listening experience, Frankfurt Versions strips the tracks of their more philosophical and emotional pretenses in favor of their basest, most primal undertones. While not surprising for a remix collection, it tends to muddy the original’s loftier artistic intentions.

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