4Knots Music Festival Reaches NYC's Shore Saturday (Preview)

4Knots makes land at South Street Seaport with Guided by Voices, The Strumbellas and more on Saturday.

4Knots Music Festival

After venturing over to the Hudson River side of Manhattan last year, 4Knots returns to the South Street Seaport for a free show again this Saturday July 9th. 4Knots is the Village Voice's annual music festival and they've announced set times for a rain or shine day with bands like Guided By Voices, The Strumbellas, Protomartyr, Car Seat Headrest, Mothers, Kirk Knight, Girlpool, Bayonne and more.

I'm particularly looking forward to seeing The Strumbellas whose album Hope has been earning continuous plays (by me) due to its sunny songs. Then there is Car Seat Headrest whose album Teens of Denial has been highly praised and also was subject to a recall for an homage another artist didn't want him to make.

Check out full details on bands and set times below and visit South Street Seaport on Saturday for the free 4Knots Music Fest.


1:00pm - Promised Land Sound

1:50pm - Kirk Knight

2:40pm - Mothers

3:40pm - Car Seat Headrest

4:40pm - Protomartyr

5:40pm - The Strumbellas

7:00pm - Guided By Voices


1:30pm - Boulevards

2:30pm - Bayonne

3:30pm - Diane Coffee

4:30pm - Mile High Club

5:30pm - Girlpool


1:00pm - Alisa Ali of WFUV

2:00pm - Bill Pearis of Brooklyn Vegan & Little Water Radio

3:00pm - Jonathan Clarke of Q104.3

4:00pm - Delphine Blue of Little Water Radio

5:00pm - Keenan Duffty of Little Water Radio

6:00pm - Prince Rama

7:00pm - Lemonade

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