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The 502s Embrace the Sounds of Celebration with 'Because We Had To' (album premiere)

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An ebullient blend of boisterous Americana, Orlando's 502s strike a celebratory chord with their new album, Because We Had To.

Rather than weave a heart-rending tale of woe to fill the corners of a listening room, Orlando-based sextet the 502s are intent on bending their folk leanings towards a celebratory mood with their new album. Entitled Because We Had To, the 502s infer that they simply have got to embrace life for all that it's worth, throw a dance party over it, and invite the whole neighborhood while they're at it. Their vision of such a lively setting is brought to life with an ebullient blend of boisterous Americana, featuring cheery singalong vocals and bubbly trumpet lines that could get anyone off of their feet.

With Because We Had To set to release on 29 June, the band is hard at work promoting their new music with a tour that will even take them across the pond come August. Tour dates are mentioned below, following a statement on the album from the 502's own Ed Isola.

"I feel very fortunate and excited to be releasing our debut album," Isola says. "Growing up I didn't play any instruments or sing, so I never thought in a million years I would be a part of an album or a band. To be with my best friends traveling around the country together, playing songs we love, and to be releasing this album is an incredible blessing."

"Every single tune on Because We Had To started off as a simple idea that my cousins and I worked on together in a very private manner as our own secret mission. We wrote songs on our back porches, in our Grandpa's living room, even in sound-proofed bathrooms early on. We kept it to ourselves early on, but it always felt very natural for us to create something together."

"As the 502s have grown to include more members, the sound has grown and so has the enjoyment of playing. We really have built a family through this band. We are fortunate to be surrounded by people that all enjoy playing music, but that more importantly also love and care for each other."

"I think the sense of camaraderie is what makes Because We Had To special. There are gang vocals, joyous cheering, and overall feelings of happiness. I remember when we got the first mixes back for the album, Jonathan and I drove around in the car until 2:00 AM listening, smiling and feeling giddy with excitement at what we had created. That's what the album is about: giddiness, excitement, and passion."

"More than anything, Because We Had To is meant to be an escape from the troubles and monotony of everyday life. The day-to-day grind is something I got very familiar with up until I made a change recently. Lately I've realized just how much beauty there is in the unknown, and in exploring and living life in the happiest and fullest manner possible.""When people listen to the album I hope that they smile and that they cut loose, even if only for a little while. Music for us has always been a source of joy, and I hope that Because We Had To is able to spread that joy to others."


June 21st // Belmar, NJ // 10th Ave. Burrito

June 22nd // New York, NY // Rockwood Music Hall

June 28th // Orlando, FL // Blackstar

July 14th // Tampa, FL // WMNF Americana Festival

July 20th // Denver, CO // Monkey Barrel Bar

July 21st // Pinedale, WY // Soundcheck Summer Music Series

July 22nd // Park City, UT // Billy Blanco's

August 4th // Elend, Germany // Rocken am Brocken

August 7th // Bremen, Germany // Litfass

August 11th // Lubeck, Germany // Tonfink

August 17th // London, UK // The Dublin Castle

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