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PopMatters Seeks Film, TV and DVD Critics

We're looking for folks to pen feature articles on aspects of film culture and history as well as review the latest films in theaters at festivals, and recent DVD releases.

You can choose to write regularly (weekly or biweekly) or just once in a while. Writing for PopMatters gives you a chance to showcase your talent to an international, media-savvy audience of more than 1.4 million readers a month. We can't pay for articles at this time, but you will receive free DVDs, screeners, film passes, and the occasional opportunity to interview a range of directors and actors.

Reviews should run at least 800 words and provide smart and engaging cultural analysis of movies, rather than simple thumbs up or down judgments or plot summaries. Features run in excess of 1,200 words and should be in-depth and display stylish writing.

Please send an e-mail describing your background, two recent film-related writing samples, and one review or feature that would be your first published piece at PopMatters if you are accepted, to:

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