TWiG 2008-12-08: I Hear They Don’t Shoot Themselves in the Head in This One

Say what you will about Sony, it is nothing less than a major technical achievement that they created when they put out the PlayStation 2. I, along with millions of others, bought that thing in 2001. It’s almost 2009, and here we are, looking at a release week in which a game for the PlayStation 2 towers over everything else on the list of releases.

Granted, it’s a slow release week. Also granted, the game we’re talking about is a niche title for a devoted, but comparatively small audience. Still, there are few games that I’ve waited for with such anticipation this year as I have waited for Persona 4. Having played and enjoyed the third installment in the franchise, particularly with the FES add-ons that came with it, Persona 4 has looked like a shoe-in for game-of-the-year consideration since it was announced to be coming to American audiences in December. I’m happy to have already had the pleasure of reading some positive reviews of the game, so I’m anticipating a fantastic, engrossing time sink much like the last game. If you’re not playing Persona 4 this week, I hope you don’t consider yourself an RPG fan.

Dungeon Maker II

As for the rest of the release list…did I mention that it’s a slow release week? I did? Um, good. Well, the DS has a couple of…well, they’re games, I know that. Slingo Quest sounds fun, right? I mean, it combines gambling and adventure gaming! How can you go wrong with that? The PC and PS3 are a bit late to a couple of parties, with Prince of Persia and Sonic Unleashed respectively, and the Wii will be getting the Neopets Puzzle Adventure, which as I mentioned when it game to the DS version of the game is surprisingly good.

Oh! And the PSP actually has something coming out this week! Dungeon Maker II: The Hidden War may not actually convince anyone that the PSP’s not dying, but it’s something, right?

A trailer for Persona 4, along with the full release list, is after the jump. Give it a look, and tell us all about your adventures with the Persona series in the comments, won’t you?


Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 (9 December)


Dungeon Maker II: The Hidden War (9 December)


Imagine Fashion Party (9 December)

Neopets Puzzle Adventure (9 December)

Ski & Shoot (9 December)


Sonic Unleashed (9 December)


Build a Lot (9 December)

Cate West: The Vanishing Files (9 December)

Drivers Ed Portable (9 December)

Left Brain Right Brain 2 (9 December)

Slingo Quest (9 December)


Hidden Expedition: Amazon (8 December)

The Tale of Despereaux (8 December)

Prince of Persia (9 December)

Xbox 360:

it’s oh…so…quiet.