Alfred Hitchcock Premiere Collection

Sarah Zupko

Alfred Hitchcock Premiere Collection - MGM [$119.98]

With this new set of eight early Hitchcock classics from 1927-1947, there are now three fine sets on the market spanning the majority of the Master of Suspense's career, the other two sets being the superlative Alfred Hitchcock - The Masterpiece Collection and the also excellent The Alfred Hitchcock Signature Collection. The highlights here include the World War II era Notorious with Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman and Spellbound with Gregory Peck and Bergman. Other movies include Lifeboat, The Paradine Case, Sabotage, Young and Innocent, Rebecca, and The Lodger. Essential for any fan of classic thrillers or Hitchcock completists, which all film geeks really ought to be.


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