Clue To Kalo: Lily Perdida

With his third album, Mark Mitchell's fully realized basement electronic psych-pop is now easily in the same league as Her Space Holiday.

Clue To Kalo

Lily Perdida

Label: Mush
UK Release Date: 2009-01-12
US Release Date: 2009-01-20

As a label, Mush is primarily known for hip-hop and secondarily for electronic music. Following in the footsteps of Marc Bianchi (a.k.a. Her Space Holiday), Clue To Kalo falls squarely into neither genre, starting off with bubbly glitch downtempo and now sounding like a full live band. With his third album, basement genius Mark Mitchell continues his evolution along side partner in crime Ellen Carey from sparse electronic pop depression into a full Animal Collective like sunshine laptop spectacle, only more coherent. Lily Perdida doesn't sound like the work of a lone Australian with a female vocal accompaniment. Many an unassuming customer could be convinced this album is the work of a lost psych-pop ensemble. It is Mitchell's most organic fusion yet, dripping with indie psychedelia through delicate melodies of acoustic guitar, harpsichord, flute, and anything under the stairs he could squeeze through his soundcard. It's as impressive as it is warm and charming. I wouldn't have said so after his sophomore release, but I believe he now deserves to be seen on the same level as Mr. Bianchi.


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