The Slow Beings: We Know Why The Earth Moves

The Slow Beings
We Know Why the Earth Moves
Hidden Shoal

The Slow Beings may know why the earth moves, but listeners might not know what this band is attempting to pull off initially. Although there are hints of Neil Young found in a lengthy number like “I Waste the Sea”, but it descends into nothing more than experimental flourishes. “People Leave Heaven” isn’t much better but the band hits their stride with “Nil By Rote”, a slow Americana jewel resembling Matt Mays and El Torpedo. And “Yoshkar-ola Song” isn’t too shabby either, a lighter, Byrds-ian affair with an airy feel throughout. Perhaps the biggest hit here (although nothing here will hit mainstream radio) is the delicate, deliberate “They Dive at Dawn” with its somber overtones. The title track though seems to sag halfway through, never really getting back on track.

RATING 6 / 10