Slipped Discs 2008

The year-end list is an annual rite of passage at nearly every arts and culture site and magazine on the planet and PopMatters is no exception. We gave you our top 60 albums back in December. Those were based on votes from our large and diverse writing staff and given the number of people voting and only 60 selections to go around, it’s no wonder plenty of 2008’s finest didn’t make the cut.

So, as in years past, PopMatters is offering a look at those Slipped Discs, the ones that our writers dearly loved and thought were important, but simply didn’t draw enough votes to make the top 60. This year is the biggest round of Slipped Discs yet — 80 total. With that much great music to digest, we’re splitting these picks up over the next two days. So dive in and discover something new or revisit some of last year’s favorites.