The Hermit Crabs: Correspondence Course EP

The Hermit Crabs
Correspondence Course

Beneficiaries of a Glaswegian fey-pop habit, the members of The Hermit Crabs sound plaintive even when they’re addressing subjects that are not plaintive at all: they have an innate plaintivity that comes mainly through their singer, Melanie Whittle — who has a delivery like a fine-haired brush stroking a drum — and partly through jangly guitars, a streaky violin, and an overall musical amiability.

This is music that never races ahead, never pounds at you, it’s always by your side, one arm around your shoulder, making sure that you can keep up and that you’re having a nice time. This is their third solo album and their second EP, comprising a set of four songs that were not included on their last disc, the one full-length release in their discography, 2007’s Saw You Dancing. They’re appreciated on the live circuit, and will likely appeal to people who like the Lucksmiths, though they don’t have the other band’s way with words.

RATING 6 / 10
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