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Woods - "Twisted Tongue" (video)

"Twisted Tongue" is an absolutely mind-blowing track from Woods, a fuzzed out pop band based in Brooklyn. Pull away all the blown-out vocals, tape effects, and low-fi glory, and you've basically got a pop track as catchy and sweet as anything by the Archies. But, luckily, that stuff is there. So it's okay to like it. Check it out at their MySpace, below.

As a bonus, here's a video of the band performing it live, via local music show New York Noise.


Mar 15 2009 Howlers w/BLANK DOGS Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Mar 16 2009 The Summit w/ BLANK DOGS, TIMES NEW VIKING Columbus, Ohio

Mar 17 2009 AV Aerie w/ BLANK DOGS Chicago, Illinois

Mar 18 2009 LOVE GARDEN SOUNDS w/ BLANK DOGS Lawrence, Kansas

Mar 19 2009 2908 Cole Street w/blank dogs Austin, Texas

Mar 20 2009 [email protected]’s Jr. Austin, Texas

Mar 21 2009 SXSW @Ms Beas Austin, Texas

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