NYT ‘Graphic Books’ Best Seller Lists

The New York Times has introduced a new weekly best seller list category: graphic novels.

To be more precise, last week the NYT debuted three different graphic books lists, hardcover, paperback and manga. Rather than limit themselves to merely mentioning graphic novels, the best seller list editors decided to go with ‘graphic books’ to leave room for a wider interpretation of the format.

For now, the lists will be published only online, and it’s not clear if they will join the ranks of the print format best seller lists any time soon. Online, traditional weekly best seller lists can be found here, while the graphic books ones will apparently be housed on the NYT ArtsBeat blog for now. It will be interesting to see if the graphic book categories get moved to the central best seller list page in the future, even if they don’t merit addition to the print edition. At least this would seem to be some form of recognition of the staying power and sales figures of the wildly popular graphic novel format.