PS22 Chorus – “I’ll Be Your Mirror” (video)

Like the Langsley School Music Project before them, there will inevitably come a day when the PS22 Chorus of Brooklyn, NY will come to cut an album. They’ve already received the blessings of Neil Finn and Tori Amos, whose songs the elementary school singers have admirably covered (their instructor Gregg Breinberg is a huge fan) and they’ve become somewhat of a viral phenomena online. I’m not saying that this hypothetical disc will be anything less than splendid, but the optimum way to listen them still seems to be exactly as YouTube presents it — filmed with standard home video equipment in the midst of a crowd. In the age of melisma and Pro Tools, the most moving thing about PS22 is the pure simplicity and devotion intrinsic in their craft. There’s no room for pretension. It’s music stripped to its core essence. The video camera mic captures the extent to which this is often a lost art to those of us who are old, jaded, cynical, and/or too caught up in the whirlwind of culture to realize what we’re losing. That is, we’re too busy listening to music to enjoy music.

Their latest video is a cover of The Velvet Underground and Nico’s “I’ll Be Your Mirror” and I fucking swear this thing could end the recession.