Sisters: Everybody…

Parts Unknown

Everybody… is a quick-strike blast of noisy pop from Sisters, but in under a half-an-hour, the band explores a surprising array of sounds. The disc is sped along by brief bursts of catchy fuzz like “Lust Is Just” and the title track, that sound like they could have been embedded in a late-night college radio show back in 1992. And that isn’t to say that they are looking backward, or revivalists, but instead it accents their guileless need to make noise. They are brash and silly, their recordings deliberately, but charmingly, sloppy, but they’re never too clever or cute, and they always rock hard. When they’re not bursting your eardrums with the harsh infection of their pop songs — try not grinning and bobbing your head when they fill out the title’s ellipses by shouting “Everything is so fucked up, everybody’s so fucked up” — they slow things down to a throbbing sludge.

“Blue” and “Easpian Time” stretch out the band’s fuzz sound into something huge and dark, and they are just as striking as distorted noise-mongers as when they’re zipping through their unruly blast-pop. This is the stuff of half-full basement shows and hand-printed fanzines. Sisters make a vital, elemental sound that has no time or central place of origin, a sound that doesn’t need the internet, or the summer festival circuit, or anything else outside of amplifiers and a space to thrive. But, with Everybody…, the band has earned more than that. They’ve earned our undivided attention. And once we give it to them, we won’t even mind the tinnitus, because the noise behind that ringing sounds awfully good.

RATING 7 / 10