Japandroids: Post-Nothing


Japandroids represent the latest addition to the ever-expanding lineage of two-piece bands that have sprung up this decade in the wake of the White Stripes and Black Keys. The Vancouver, British Columbia-based duo has already received a considerable amount of acclaim in its short existence, but its latest release Post-Nothing proves that the praise is not misdirected. Sonically, the band falls somewhere between forebears like No Age and Death from Above 1979 — a virile combination of passion and grandiosity that sounds much larger than the guitar/drums instrumentation implies. That passion rings authentic in youthful anthems like “Wet Hair”, “I Quit Girls”, and “Young Hearts Spark Fire”, where the chorus “I don’t wanna worry about dying / I just wanna worry about those sunshine girls” tidily sums up the band’s outlook. Sure, there’s nothing at all novel about young dudes feeling immortal and wanting to get laid, but Japandroids infuse those well-worn tropes with enough energy and songcraft to make it feel refreshing.

RATING 7 / 10