Anti-Pop Consortium – Fluorescent Black (new album / MP3)

Anti-Pop Consortium

Fluorescent Black

(Big Dada)

13 October 2009

In addition to a free MP3 of “Capricorn One”, Anti-Pop Consortium has just released a five-minute mix teaser for their upcoming October album.

Anti-Pop Consortium

teaser mix of Fluorescent Black [MP3]


“Capricorn One” [MP3]



01 Lay Me Down

02 New Jack Exterminator

03 Reflections

04 Shine

05 C Thru U

06 Volcano

07 Timpani

08 Solution

09 Get Lite

10 NY to Tokyo

11 SuperUnfrontable

12 Born Electric

13 Apparently

14 End Game

15 Capricorn One

16 Dragonov

17 Fluorescent Black

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