A$AP Rocky – "Everyday" (feat. Rod Stewart, Miguel, & Mark Ronson) (video)

A$AP Rocky teams up with Rod Stewart, Miguel, and Mark Ronson for his new video.

Jordan Blum: This combination of old-fashioned icon and leading newcomer[s] reminds me of the relatively recent collaboration between Kayne West, Rhianna, and Paul McCartney. This is more interesting than that, though (which isn’t saying much, to be honest). The video is certainly more unique and absorbing than the run-of-the-mill music (despite its various changes), and Stewart’s contribution fits in well with the rest of the track. Whenever I catch a partnership like this, I can’t help but wonder if the vintage artist is really interested in the product, or if he/she is just trying to remain relevant. [7/10]

Over the Rainbow: An Interview With Herb Alpert

Music legend Herb Alpert discusses his new album, Over the Rainbow, maintaining his artistic drive, and his place in music history. "If we tried to start A&M in today's environment, we'd have no chance. I don't know if I'd get a start as a trumpet player. But I keep doing this because I'm having fun."

Jedd Beaudoin

The Cigarette: A Political History (By the Book)

Sarah Milov's The Cigarette restores politics to its rightful place in the tale of tobacco's rise and fall, illustrating America's continuing battles over corporate influence, individual responsibility, collective choice, and the scope of governmental power. Enjoy this excerpt from Chapter 5. "Inventing the Nonsmoker".

Sarah Milov
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