A Beacon School Reissues 'Cola', Shares Unreleased "Fade in Nylon" (premiere)

Photo: Bea Helman

The full-length debut by ethereal nugazer A Beacon School features three new tracks to commemorate the year. Hear "Fade in Nylon" now.

With a strong sense of early 2010s nugaze, multi-instrumentalist Patrick J. Smith released his debut full-length record Cola last year under the moniker A Beacon School. To mark a full year since its release, Patrick is reissuing this dreamy record with three previously unreleased tracks, notably "Fade in Nylon" here and now. What he shares is wisdom ahead of its time – acceptance of the inequities of life as a path toward redemption. Destiny is preached as a set-in-stone limitation, but soft tones and enchanting melody highlight our ability to adjust our sails in intractable winds, holding that former philosophy to the fire with heavenly optimism.

Cola's reissue is out on 14 June via House Arrest/Grind Select.


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