Florida Alt-Rockers A Brilliant Lie Threaten to Come Apart at the Seams in "Unwoven" (premiere)

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Taken from A Brilliant Lie's forthcoming EP Threads: Weaver, the video for new single "Unwoven" captures the barely contained potency of a band firing on all cylinders.

Taken from A Brilliant Lie's forthcoming EP Threads: Weaver, the video for new single "Unwoven" captures the barely contained potency of a band firing on all cylinders. Opening with a salvo of incendiary guitars and a cavalcade of pounding drums, A Brilliant Lie weave chaos, beauty, and noise together to fashion a vital sonic onslaught with singer Tara Lightfoot leading the charge. Riding a super tight hook, "Unwoven" sprints to an incessant chorus that quickly takes hold and doesn't let go.

As the bridge hoves into view, the band show they have more than one trick up their sleeve as they change the dynamic with the music slowing and quieting like an idling car engine, before roaring into gear in a final dash to the finish. It's a thrilling conclusion to three and a half minutes of fiercely passionate alt-rock.

The video for the track, directed by Daniel Kuykendall and styled by J.W.Newland, expertly captures the energy and power of the band's live performance. What's more, it perfectly demonstrates why Lightfoot is such a star in the making. Prowling the space between the amps and the strewn wires, she holds nothing back, delivering each line with an intensity few can match.

Threads: Weaver is released on 29 March.





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