A Shadow of Jaguar Sell Pure, Unadulterated Rock on "Too Many Knots" (premiere)

The Boulder duo got together on a "random Tuesday" one-take session to lay out their raw, gritty rock-and-roll in a live performance.

Ever since A Shadow of Jaguar first formed in 2015, Brian Hubbert and Andrew Oakley only ever had one goal in mind for their new duo project: to rock hard and unapologetically like few acts on the rise still do. With their breakneck delivery, they've already begun captivating audiences from their headquarters in Boulder, Colorado and throughout the US. All of this has been in anticipation of the release of their debut full-length, Raw, which was released back in October 2017 to raucous acclaim in their scene.

Now, A Shadow of Jaguar is aiming to show the world what they can do with a live performance. With all of the grit and attitude that fans of the duo would have come to expect through Raw, their live rendition of "Too Many Knots" was shot on a "random Tuesday" in a one-take session. Hubbert and Oakley tell PopMatters, "The video for 'Too Many Knots' was filmed and recorded live in one-shots. It needed to be real, and therefore it was. On a random Tuesday, we showed fans what the fuck we do with this unadulterated video."

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