The Accidentals and Kaboom Collective
Photo: B. Hockensmith / Courtesy of Sideways Media

The Accidentals and Kaboom Collective Head Into the Cinematic “Mangrove” (premiere)

Indie folk savants, the Accidentals, join forces with the Kaboom Collective—a 40-piece orchestra—to reimagine their tune, “Mangrove”.

The Accidentals‘ “Mangrove” is a fan favorite cut from 2013, when the Traverse City band first broke out with the folk-rock of Bittersweet. Now, the trio revisits the song as part of an ongoing collaboration with the Kaboom Collective, a 40-piece orchestra comprised of students between the ages of 15 and 25. The Accidentals are significant proponents of music education, having formed the non-profit, Play It Forward Again and Again to support youth in need with related opportunities. So, it was only natural for them to partner with Liza Grossman’s Kaboom Collective: a collaboration that has now turned into an upcoming album and tour.

Reimagined lives up to its name, featuring 11 of the Accidentals’ most popular songs as reworked by the Kaboom Collective. “Mangrove” is given a Hollywood-esque lick of paint with this cinematic reimagining. Sav Buist delivers a captivating lead vocal as the orchestra swirls about her and Katie Larson, meeting her folk spiritual with an adventurous edge. For Buist and Larson this is a revisiting of their roots as they’d met at their public high school orchestra.

Kaboom Collective’s Joe Weagraff says, “Kaboom Collective was honored to work with the Accidentals to arrange, perform, and record a new version of ‘Mangrove’ with full orchestra, adding a magical dimension to this already dreamy song that fans love. Liam Cummins, a student on the Kaboom Composition Team, arranged the piece with the Accidentals. He amplified the playfulness and layers within ‘Mangrove’ that make it special. ‘Mangrove’ was one of the first pieces the Studio Orchestra recorded and a track we kept revisiting throughout the production process—it’s whimsical, atmospheric, and positive vibe reflecting the mission of our group and our partnership with the Accidentals.”

“Mangrove” releases on 15 July, with the Reimagined album due out on the 29th. The Accidentals and Kaboom Collective are also joining forces for an August tour. Dates are available on their website.