ACLU’s Wear Orange Day

Trans Am

Today’s the day to wear orange to voice your support for the closing of Guantánamo Bay. The ACLU has organized this visual, political effort and is calling on people opposed to torture and indefinite detention to show their thoughts by donning orange garb today. Find out more about what you can do and how to get involved on the ACLU site.

Here’s what a few folks you may know have to say on the issue:

“I’ll be wearing orange because I believe in human rights.”

Susan Sarandon

“I’ll be wearing orange because this prolonged torture is obscene, nakedly sadistic and patently un-American.”

Henry Rollins

“I am wearing orange because respecting human rights is the only way to preserve humanity.”

Gloria Reuben

“I am wearing orange to help bring back the dignity our country has lost as a result of Guantánamo. We must join together in solidarity to demand the immediate closure of this shameful prison. It has tarnished America’s image in the world and continues to be a symbol of torture and injustice.”

Meshell Ndegeocello

“Guantanamo Bay is un-American. That’s why it’s in Cuba.”

Phil Manley, Trans Am

“Everybody has the right to be treated justly and the injustices and corruption of this facility has already been exposed.”

One Be Lo

“I wanted to get involved with this cause because I feel no matter the situation, human rights come first”.

Rasco, (one half of Cali Agents and solo emcee from NorCal)