Adam Clark – “King of the Sky (Anthony Dircson Remix)” (premiere)

Adam Clark is back again, and this time with a brand new collaboration alongside Danish electronic recording artist Anthony Dircson.

Rochester, New York pop/rock singer-songwriter Adam Clark is back again, and this time with a brand new collaboration alongside Dutch electronic recording artist Anthony Dircson (Reepublic Records). Clark and Dircson’s first work together comes along in the form of a remix of the former’s initial debut single following his team-up with multi-platinum selling, Grammy-nominated producer David Schuler (P!nk, John Legend, Daughtry), “King of the Sky”.

Initially released two years ago, the song relayed itself to listeners in a similar manner to Imagine Dragons, with soaring, rock-leaning anthemic pop featuring a uniquely tribal sonic overlay courtesy of Schuler, and was considered a successful first collaboration between the two artists. So, leave it to Clark to bring things back to the start with Dircson when having one of his well-regarded singles with Schuler altered into prime EDM form, showcasing the talents of both performers front-and-center in this remix.

“When I initially heard the first take of the remix (totally different than it is now), I actually passed on it. At the time I was being pushed in a hundred different directions and gearing up for the release of my single ‘With You’,” states Clark. “It wasn’t until a year later after listening to some b-sides I had laying around in my iTunes that I came across the remix again. I took the next week making it a priority to contact Anthony’s label. His label actually never got back to me, so I was forced to stalk him on Facebook with this long-winded apology for not responding to the remix and begging him to allow me to release it.”

“He responded, but had one condition, and that was that we would work on a new one. I wasn’t really into that idea at first, but I decided, ‘Hey, I was wrong before, let’s see what he’s got.’ When he sent me the new remix, it was a little rough but had this hook line that got stuck in my head after one listen. We spent the next month, almost every day, going through examples and notes from various A&R’s and publishers we both know in the industry until it was at a point where we felt comfortable getting a great mix. So far all of my contacts have been really excited about this remix, as are we!”