Adam Remnant: When I Was a Boy

The former Southeast Engine leader branches out on his own, and its worth a long, considered listen.
Adam Remnant
When I Was a Boy
Trailer Fire

As Ohio’s Southeast Engine grew in ability and ambition over the course of five albums, one thing remained consistent: singer and songwriter Adam Remnant’s voice, which always carried an undercurrent of heavy, often spiritual loss. When I Was a Boy, Remnant’s six-song solo debut EP, is no different. Like many of Remnant’s lyrics, the songs here bear the weight and consequences of past decisions. That regret mixes with hope in fascinating ways, though, as when he sings “When I was a boy, I merely survived / But surviving turned me into a man / And now I find hope, faith, and love abide / Still, I long for the time when I was a boy.” Remnant plays every instrument on Boy, giving it the familiar feel of a stripped-down Southeast Engine record, but more importantly, the record provides a link between Remnant’s past work and a promised upcoming LP. If history, and Remnant’s artistic trends, are any indication, that record should be a heavy but rewarding work — just like this EP.

RATING 7 / 10