Photo: Bret Pemelton / Courtesy of the Press House

Adam Wright Settles into “Dust” with New Single (premiere)

Americana songwriter Adam Wright releases what might be his most personal tune yet with this reflection on life's littlest moments.

Whether it’s a chorus of birds singing sunrise songs or the smell of early morning dew, we often forget to appreciate these little nuances in life, perhaps especially as we age. Adam Wright’s “Dust” comes from that unsuspecting place, inspired by a moment with his son.

“The chorus of ‘Dust’ came to me while I was watching my youngest son notice dust particles shining in the light coming through the window one day,” Wright tells PopMatters. “He’d never seen anything like that before. He was seeing this magic in what is literally the least significant stuff of life. The stuff we wipe away. It was absolutely magical to him. It was a powerful image and hopefully is the way we shine despite our insignificance and flaws. The verses tell the story of three people whose lives intertwine one day and, in spite of their flaws, save each other.”

The song is the titular single from off of the singer-songwriter’s forthcoming album. Wright has written thousands of songs, at this rate—some for The Wrights, his band that he shares with his wife, and some for some of the biggest names of recent country repute like Garth Brooks and Lee Ann Womack. Yet, it’s Dust that feels like Wright’s most personal foray into developing a collection of songs, yet, with this in-depth look on life leading the way.

Dust is set to be released on 22 June.