Photo: Courtesy of Alex Rainbird Records

Ade Mai Sings “I Love You More” as He Celebrates New Adventure

Ade Mai is a rising folk-pop singer originally from Finland but now based in Bournemouth, and his new single "I Love You More" is an instantaneous earworm.

Ade Mai is a rising folk singer originally from Finland but now based by Bournemouth’s beaches in the UK. Mai bills himself as an “old school folk singer”, but that’s being a tad disingenuous as his folk comes laced with the purest of pop melodies and highly modern production techniques. “I Love You More” is an instantaneous earworm as Mai lures in the listener with some rather deft guitar fingerpicking played in a joyful and spritely manner. Meanwhile, Mai’s voice is deep and resonant with interesting textures and can fully inhabit a song. The song speaks to the amazing feeling of adventurousness one feels when venturing out to try something new, like uprooting from Helsinki for England’s south coast.

May says, “At the time of writing ‘I Love You More’, I was going through some very nice and exciting times in my life. I had just moved to UK from my home country of Finland, and I was full of energy and wanderlust. I met lots of new exciting people and got to live next to the gorgeous Bournemouth beach. I am sure that’s where the cheerfulness in this song comes from. Although I see myself as a melancholic person, the lyrics pretty much just reflect the love towards living and the adventures that life brings. It does not matter whether these adventures arrive in the shape of a person or just as general small everyday things.”

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