Photo: Chris Bernabeo

Adeline Hotel Are “Looking For the Same Thing” in New Single (premiere)

Adeline Hotel's new single is a slow-burning rumination over the flourishing of a long-distance relationship, wherein Dan Knishkowy ponders how "finding what you're looking for still leaves you with more questions than answers".

Brooklyn’s Adeline Hotel explore soundscapes washed in equal parts indie folk and rock, inhabiting a slow-burning, ruminative space similar to the likes of Wilco and Ben Harper. Fronted by guitarist Dan Knishkowy, the band’s new album, Away Together, is set to be released on 26 October via Ruination, co-produced by Will Stratton and featuring a bevy of musical collaborators. “Looking For the Same Thing” is the latest contemplative single from Adeline Hotel, featuring longing, resonant guitar tones, and reflective tinges of percussion and steel brought in along the way. It’s a song that emanates the sort of warm, wistful energy that we have come to expect of Adeline Hotel, featuring poignant reflections by Knishkowy at its center.

As Knishkowy tells PopMatters, “Looking For the Same Thing” is “the heart of the record, a sobering reflection amidst a period of restlessness. To quit the city, and then come back again — tail between your legs, crashing on the couch of an apartment that once was yours, surrounded by familiar jokes you’re no longer in on. Falling asleep on the phone, or more often than not, not falling asleep at all.”

“4:00 am in the swampy August heat, Richard and Linda Thompson in headphones, thinking this one line over and over — ‘I’ll hurt you till you need me.’ Falling apart and falling in love with a continent between — a fresh start, or just back where you started? The revelation in the quiet moments, giving up on that elusive narrative you’ve clung to for so long. Shedding old skin and looking for the same thing. What if we find it?”