Adir L.C. - "Dinosaurs" (audio) (premiere)

Written on one side of the world and recorded on the other, the universal appeal of this single is rather appropriate.

Written in New York City and recorded in Tel-Aviv, Oceanside Cities, the upcoming new album by singer-songwriter Adir L.C. continues to hone his warm, affable indie pop sound. Already a popular artist in Israel, his crossover appeal on this side of the world is undeniable, and based on the strength of the new track "Dinosaurs", it should only be a matter of time.

"I think I wrote the song 'Dinosaurs' quicker than any other song on the album in the way that it just kind of came out in one quick sitting," he tells PopMatters. "It was one of those moments where I was trying to see where my life was going to take me, and I kept coming to the same somewhat dark, but optimistic conclusion: that no matter what I do or impact I make, trying to make a splash in this city -- in ten thousand years this city probably wont even be here anymore; we as humans might not even be here just like the dinosaurs -- and so, I may as well do what will keep me young and happy for as long as possible, to make the most of this relatively short life. I doubt there is someone out there that hasn't considered this notion at least once; and if they haven't, then they should. Thats why the song is a happy one. It's a good reminder, at least to myself, to avoid making things so heavy that they lose their beauty...I think we're all guilty of doing this at some point or another."

Oceanside Cities will be released 6 November on Dinky Pop Records.

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