Adult Jazz - "Eggshell" (Singles Going Steady)

It's an interesting combination: "Eggshell" is drenched in electronics, processing, Vocoders, you name it; but the song is a lovely pop tune.

Emmanuel Elone: From the 64-bit video game sound effect that defines the track to the off-kilter vocal melodies and random percussion flourishes thrown in, I shouldn't like this song as much as I do. However, there's something almost magical and beautiful about the way the instrumentation flows and the way the vocals weave through it seamlessly, making "Eggshell" gorgeous in a strange way. The lyrics don't disappoint either, with enough detail to interest me but vague enough to make some sort of profound sentiment as well. Overall, "Eggshell" is a fantastic song, and one what should be not be skipped over simply because it's one of the stranger tracks this month. [9/10]

Chris Ingalls: It's an interesting combination: "Eggshell" is drenched in electronics, processing, Vocoders, you name it; but the song is a lovely pop tune. It's like a smart singer/songwriter is trapped inside an elaborate synthesizer and is banging away, trying to escape. This blend works nicely -- you can't fault Adult Jazz for being unoriginal. Lots of unique sounds and textures keep things moving along, and it's just a really well-written song. [8/10]

Pryor Stroud: With a sound that calls to mind the esoteric experimentalism of Animal Collective, Adult Jazz's "Eggshell" is an avant-pop indulgence that arranges bubbling synth noises, punctuating strings, and singer Harry Burgess' half-spoken lyrics into a surrealistic junkyard of words and melodies. While sonically interesting, the track doesn't manage to communicate any legible emotional substance, and suffers for it. [5/10]

Chad Miller: I was really into this track. The vocal effect was cool, and the sound effects were incredibly effective at creating different textures. The beginning sounds somewhat aquatic, until the horns and wind chime-esque sound bring an earthier touch to the piece. And by the end, the vocal melody peaks as the horns rise up around it, following a buildup you didn't even know was happening. It's the perfect ending to such an elastic piece, reinvented at every turn. [9/10]

Jordan Blum: I can appreciate how varied the instrumentation is; it’s definitely trying something new, but its sound effects are a bit too annoying, and it’s perhaps a bit too intangible to be happily endured. I’m all for some bizarre incoherency, but this may take it too far. It feels like a much more disjointed take on something Gorillaz or Radiohead might do. It's a case of respecting what they're doing without actually liking the end result. [5/10]

Adult Jazz's new album, Earrings Off!, releases May 20th via Tri Angle Records.

SCORE: 7.20

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