After Funk Illustrates a Complicated Romance in "The Mess We've Become" (premiere)

Photo: Aaron Wynia

Replete with rich production and a polished, soulful sound, Toronto R&B group After Funk's newest single is a scorcher.

Pulling from a myriad of influences, Toronto's After Funk have blended elements of R&B, disco, jazz, and, of course, funk into the creation of their debut LP, Santa Barbara. At the center of the band's thoroughly polished sound are the soulful stylings of frontman Yanick Allwood, whose hearty, silky vocals drive After Funk's prime musicianship forward. Allwood also takes on the keys in the band and performs alongside drummer Jaime Rosenberg, guitarist Phil Tessis, and bassist Justin Bontje.

Ahead of the February release of Santa Barbara, After Funk is premiering "The Mess We've Become" with PopMatters. Sonically, the song is anything but a mess, featuring a deliberate groove that soars beside Allwood's rich vocal performance as the band gives their interpretation of a relationship gone awry. Allwood tells PopMatters, "With this song I wanted to illustrate the complications of a relationship. It's so difficult to help yourself when the thing that you love about a person is also the thing that isn't good for you. There's a lot of wordplay, cool musical colors, and a pretty sweet guitar solo on this soulful record. I'm excited to have it out there and off my chest."

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