Aimée Faces Chronic Anxiety Head on with "Break Me" (premiere)

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Fast rising Dublin pop/R&B artist Aimée releases her second single of dancey, soulful pop while baring her soul on "Break Me".

Dublin's Aimée is a fast-rising pop/R&B artist whose debut single "Don't Bother" rocketed to the top of the iTunes chart in Ireland on the first day of release. The song also found huge success on Spotify with loads of playlist adds and being featured on "New Music Friday".

This year Aimée is back with her second single, "Break Me", a very personal track about dealing with chronic anxiety. Given our times, anxiety is something society at large is now having to cope with and endure. Aimée's song addresses this vital issue, baring her soul and telling her story, all the while backed by buoyant dancey beats that lift the spirits. Her pop sense is right on as she's able to craft instantly memorable tunes while tenderizing them with her soulful voice.

Aimée says of her new song, "'Break Me' is a song I wrote about my experience dealing with anxiety. Anxiety is something I have been dealing with since I was seven years old. For a very long time it controlled my life. For me I took back the control when I stopped trying to fight it, and stopped trying to change who I am.

"Although I still deal with this every single day, and I probably will for the rest of my life, I regained my strength by accepting this is who I am and knowing I am strong enough to get through it. I know nothing is going to break me.

"I choose to be open about my own experiences in the hope that somebody listening, who may be feeling the same, might take the step of talking about it, too.

"We're all a little damaged but it's alright. We all got some baggage, there's no point trying to hide it."

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