Airpark Releases Windswept Video for "Devotion" (premiere)

Indie pop duo Airpark have been impressing audiences with their refined, wistful music, and their latest single "Devotion" is a natural evolution of a well-realized sound.

Since Airpark's formation in early 2017, brothers Ben and Michael Ford, Jr. have made strides. The duo have honed in on a sound that is not particularly anyone else's, yet one that often basks in wistful technicolor soundscapes all the same. Replete with driving rhythms and punchy percussion, Airpark top off their dreamy sound with a drop of soul in their subtle, wispy vocal arrangements. Produced by Tennis' Alaina Moore and Patrick Riley, the brothers are working on the next evolution of their well-defined music in the form of a new EP set to be released on their Eugenia Hall imprint come early 2019. Titled Songs of Airpark, lead single "Devotion" is one such track from the forthcoming effort.

Directed by Steve Voss, Airpark's music video for "Devotion" is a trippy exploration of our natural world. All of the Airpark staples make this windswept, mid-tempo number work as an instantly familiar, consistently memorable arrangement, drawn out that much more by rich production and a deeper sense of self. Ford, Jr. tells PopMatters, "after we finished the EP with Pat and Alaina in Denver, we decided to plan a detour on the way back to Nashville to shoot the video at the Great Sand Dunes National Park. On our drive out there, we came upon this massive wildfire. The mountainsides on both sides of the van were either already charred or fully engulfed in flames. It was such a bizarrely beautiful and ominous visual."

"We turned around a bit bummed, as we knew that was our one opportunity to shoot at the park. Somewhere in the middle of nowhere Colorado though, Steve (Voss, director) spotted this grouping of bizarre trees in a field around sunset, and we shot what became the majority of the video in about 45 minutes. The spontaneous nature of the shoot ended up being really creatively liberating for us."

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