Al Scorch - "Everybody Out" (audio) (premiere) + New Album

Photo: Alexis Ellers

Chicago's Al Scorch is a punk rock banjo player that draws inspiration from and utilizes a wide range of roots music forms.

The combination of alt-country and punk is one of the most fruitful forms of musical cross-pollination, especially when it comes to protest and socially-conscious music designed for the everyman. Al Scorch is a perfect case in point, a punk rock banjo player that draws inspiration from and utilizes a wide range of roots music forms, underpinned with a punk sensibility and rocking beats. Scorch's music possesses blistering energy, smart and insightful lyrics drawing from traditional American string band music, European and American folk, including klezmer, and, of course, the aforementioned punk. If this all sounds great, I can tell you it truly is and the track below will have you eagerly awaiting Al Scorch's Bloodshot Records debut album, Circle Round the Signs, releasing May 13th and available for pre-order now.

In the meantime, give a listen to the hard-charging "Everybody Out", featuring a choppy, rhythmic banjo set alongside a stunning klezmer backdrop, where Scorch's words ring oh so true. "Every bossman is on another bossman’s take / There ain’t no free man except the one you make."

Scorch tells PopMatters about the tune: "Flying your pirate freak flag proudly brings on harassment from the narrow minded. So we fly our flags together, support and defend each other, and party like hell about it. This song is for radical people everywhere to shake their asses to after a long day of fighting the good fight."

Also, be sure to check out Al Scorch's performances at Bloodshot's SXSW events.


3/12 - Hideout - Chicago IL

3/12 - Durty Nellie's - Palatine IL

3/13 - Empty Bottle - Chicago IL

3/16 - Continental Club - Austin TX

3/17 - Shangri-La - Austin TX

3/17 - Wyndham Gardens - Austin TX

3/18 - Sidewinder - Austin TX

3/18 - Yard Dog Art - Austin TX

3/19 - Licha's Cantina - Austin TX

3/21-22 - Valley of the Vapors Festival - Hot Springs AR

4/9 - Shea Stadium - Brooklyn NY

4/13 - Jalopy Theater - Brooklyn NY

5/6 - Middle of the Map Festival - Kansas City MO

5/19 - Cowboy Monkey -Urbana IL

5/20 - Muddy Roots Spring Weekender - Nashville IN

5/21- Zanzibar - Louisville KY

5/22 - Off Broadway - St. Louis MO

6/3 - Pickin' in the Park - Dayton OH

6/19 - Standard Deluxe - Waverley AL

8/20 - Gränna Bluegrass Festival - Gränna Sweden

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